Sunday, 8 July 2012

Just chillin' with a Journal

I had time to make a new journal cover this week with a piece of felt that was left over from a demonstration. 

I love sketchbooks and journals and to have one with a lovely cover makes me feel inspired even before I start to do any art in there. Handmade Felt feels so nice as the cover for a 
book, like a kind of arty comfort blanket! Yes, I know I'm a little bit strange!

I embroidered this one with a seed head in space dyed silk thread in Straight Stitches, Whipped Running Stitch and French Knots. The sheen of the silk looks good against the matt texture of the felt.

I made the first page about new beginnings. It is so nice to start a new book but these new beginnings are also about the plan I have to tidy up my stuff and be more organised! Those of you who know me well will be laughing hysterically by now!

It is great to just chill with a sketchbook or journal. I'm pretty sure that doodling and collaging are good for the soul and it is impossible to be stressed when you are playing with new pens and paints and stuff.

On this page I have stencilled the background with Crafter's Workshop Stencils and then written on top with sketchy letters drawn with Sakura Moonlight pens. Those pens are so yummy! I think I'm in love with them!
As you can see they write on dark surfaces just as well as on light ones.

 I am going to start lots of the pages and leave them ready for when I have some time to chill with my new journal! I will put some of the decorated pages on my blog so pop by to see if you feel inspired to have a go too.


  1. I love these pages and your stitching Paula. As beautiful as ever. How will you have time to do all this lovely stuff when you are tidying????

  2. This journal looks fabulous, will follow with interest.

  3. WOW Paula,

    such a nice page !
    Are the circles on the letters doodling or did you stencil on them individually ?
    I think you can't buy anything on Ally Pally cause your bags will be full with journals to show us !! LOL

    love from belgium

  4. The circles on the letters are doodles Inge. It was such fun to do.x
    How will I be able to carry all those journals? I'm so small and there are so many. :o)