Saturday, 23 June 2012

Vintage Crafts at Nine Lives

I have been teaching 'Vintage Crafts'  at a venue called Nine Lives in Rickmansworth. Isn't that a great name for a charitable organisation that takes old furniture and household objects and then trains people to transform them with re upholstering and painting to make great  saleable items? Giving them a new life!

The place is a treasure trove of ever changing, fab vintage items and I can't resist having a poke around when ever I am there!

Anyway... the course , for Community Learning Partnership, has been all about taking recycled and new materials and vintage techniques and learning to update them to  use textiles to make lovely gifts.

This week we having been learning applique techniques to make a mini quilt or fabric picture. I decided to make a bowl of cupcakes!  We then decorate them with stitch and buttons and beads. Good enough to eat! 

Almost! Ha ha.


  1. This is great you'll have to have a look at my blog later as Sunday I am doing a cup cake decorating course perhaps I'll try some of your designs

  2. Ooh how lovely! I'll be watching. At least you will be able to eat your art work hee hee.

  3. drool....

    and you teach the people this ? i want too !

    greetings from Belgium