Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Behind the wardrobe door!

I have finished another Altered Book. It is called A Stitch in Time and is all about the joy of stitching and is full of buttons and little sewn things. I need to start a new one now really because I have so many ideas for this subject.

But as you may know I'm working on a very exciting project. (So no time for faffing about!)
It's not an altered book, not a fabric book but a real printed  BOOK! More about that soon. Promise.

For now I thought you might like to see a page out of the Stitch in Time book. this is a copper wardrobe door. It is made using heated copper and a fabulous die from amazing Spellbinders.

It has little hinges to attach it to the book pages and to allow it to open and close. And inside...

Four little dresses on hangers and chain. They are all made with vintage fabrics and lace with tiny hand sewn details. They were such fun to do. I actually made 6 dresses but as you all know we girls can never fit all our clothes in the wardrobe. Ha ha. the little fairies peeking around the door are from a fair.I wish I knew who made them.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Paper Feathers

Aren't feathers beautiful things? 
Even the ones that are not brilliantly coloured or exotically shaped are just wonders of nature. I love looking at them really closely and drawing them and I have to stop myself picking up some of the manky ones on the ground. However those are fantastic for using with Gelli printing and I will do another post about that soon.

For today I wanted to show you some paper feathers that I have been making.

These are made with old book pages and vintage pattern paper. 

They have wire sandwiched in between the  layers so they can be twisted and shaped slightly. 

They are so delicate to look at but quite strong despite being made of paper. 

What do you think?