Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Year

Another year has flown by and we are all poised at the start of 2015 wondering what this year has waiting for us.  For those of us with worries and health issues it may have been quite good to wave goodbye to 2014 and to look forward with hope to a new year.

It can be quite scary not knowing what challenges are ahead but it also feels like a fresh page is waiting to be decorated with the colours of life. Sometimes those unexpected events can also show us how blessed we are and may lead to exciting changes that we wouldn't have been brave enough to make for ourselves.

I wish you a New Year that soars to new heights of happiness, hope, good health and good fortune. I wish you exciting adventures and the comfort of knowing how priceless it is to have wonderful family and friends.

This little New Year Dove is painted with white gesso onto a background of black gesso and gold acrylic paint. The gesso was straight out of the pot and painted in directional strokes for the feathers and swirls for the background which gives it lots of texture. If you have a moment have a little play with making textures with gesso and stuff you have lying around like plastic cutlery, wine corks, cardboard rolls, or a cocktail stick. It is a great way to prepare a new sketchbook and cover your blank pages in readiness for the colours of a new year of art. xx