Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Handmade Felt on a Summers Day

Now that it looks like the weather has finally got its act together I thought I would show you a picture of my Summer Meadow. 

If you look closely you can see that it has all kinds of gorgeous stuff in there. Different kinds of wool, silk fibres, hand dyed cotton muslin, and stitch.

The stitching, which is the final stage when you are making a panel like this, really adds so much detail and dimension to handmade felt that it doesn't feel quite finished to me till I have done some. But then I am a stitchy kind of a girl I suppose. 

On the Fabulous Felt Course we have a session on stitching and embellishing our felt with beading and ribbons and lovely stuff like that. Hand stitching is easy to learn and is such a nice way to pass the time!


  1. These are all so fabulous well done Paula Ive been really busy decorating and such like but will have to get down to some more felting soon its such fun.

    I love your swirly colourful bits they are great

  2. Thanks so much Dawn. I can see from your blog how busy you are with everything. Just started teaching the next course at The Feathers tonight. A whole new room full of beginners who were loving getting felty! You are so good, keep it up and keep in touch.