Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Handmade Fabulous Felt Course

I have been teaching the Fabulous Handmade Felt course for quite some time now for the wonderful Community Learning Partnership and I am always blown away by the wonderful creations made by my learners. 

They start off as beginners and by the end of the course they are just as addicted as I am to the gorgeous silky soft merino wool fibres and the way that felting blends all the colours together to make a textile that is so strong and so beautiful.  

We always have such a great time making art together. Many of them tell me that they think they are not artistic at all, but I know that all of us have the ability to choose colours that we love and are inspired by things around us that are beautiful so I hope that by the end of the course they have changed their mind about their talents! Here are some photos of some recent work. LOVE it! Some of these are just at the beginning of the process and have just had the fibres laid out the others are the beautiful finished articles. Just  excuse my dreadful photography!

The course will be coming to Boxmoor in Hemel Hempstead soon. Come and make some Fabulous Felt with me!


  1. Glad to see your all active again =)

  2. Hello Paula,

    Wish I could come to follow the workshop !!!

    Did they felt this by hand with the needles or did you use the embellisher ?
    They all did great work, but the face and the eye are my favorite, as is the rainforest and the flowers...
    You've been a great teacher if I see what they accomplish with you as a guide !

    I'm still glad with my embellisher but it's gathering a bit of dust... When I see these projects then I know again why i bought it !! :)

    hugs from Belgium

  3. Absolutely fabulous work. I agree with Inge, I love the eye!

    ....and the flowers are fab..well everything is. What else would you expect having a teacher like you.

    Inge and I have alet in common....want to do a workshop and the embellisher is gathering dust! haha!!!

  4. Paula, these look amazing. Some fantastic flowers. So glad you have started blogging, as now I can look on your blog and see your wonderful work.

  5. Hi everyone, I'm so excited to have comments! thank you so much.

    Inge and Bethan, I wish you could come too! One day.... The pictures are wet felted although they have learned needle felting on this course too. We haven't done anything with the embellisher machines but maybe on the next lot of courses course. Don't let your lovely new toys gather dust. Do amazing stuff with them like I know you can!

    Thank you Mrs Crumpsey. I am following you closely too! x

    Thank you lovelies! Can't wait to have you on the course. we are going to have such fun! x

    Hi Zoe! You inspired me to have a blog so thanks for popping in to see. x