Thursday, 28 March 2013

Button Box LOVE!

The last couple of weeks have been a horrible coughing fest! Having dodged the lurgy for nearly a year, it finally caught up with me and got me good!!

When I was a little girl and I was poorly there were always three things I wanted. My darling Mum, a bowl of home made chicken soup we used to call 'Pishpash' which had all kinds of little vegetables and chicken and rice in it (very yummy and nutritious!), and my Mum's button box.

Well, today I started feeling a little better and although my darling Mum is gone and I had grown up home made Chicken soup last night, I did get to play with my button box! 

Don't you just love, love, love a Button Box???

I am slightly crazy about al kinds of buttons and love collecting beautiful ones. Just sorting through them is bliss. Whenever I get too many I take some to work and we have a lovely time making  bracelets and jewellery with the kids and adults and I have noticed something over the years...

That adults who have never had a button box to play with as a child are mesmerised when they start to look through them. Choosing colours, seeing which ones they like best, making piles and layering  with them. some people can't bear to put them back in the tin afterwards!

There are parts of growing up, like making mud pies, blowing bubbles and  climbing trees that make lovely childhood memories and I think that playing with a button box is just like those.

The buttons that I love most are vintage Mother of Pearl shell buttons. They are so hard to find but some of the old ones are hand carved and even in sets they are all slightly different. They have a beautiful iridescent sheen and are little works of Folk art!

I do use them to make things with and I will post some pictures soon of some of those things, but mostly I just keep them for making me happy!


  1. Paula, like you I adore vintage buttons and have both my grandmothers collections. As you say....eye candy!¬ x

  2. Oh how lovely to have such precious collections! It is very nice to meet another button collector Nifty Stitcher!