Monday, 10 September 2012

A Tiny Bridal Shop

My lovely friend Maureen had a special birthday this week.
There was a surprise party for her yesterday and part of her Birthday surprise was the present from her husband. A dolls house shop!

Maureen is a very creative lady she sews all kinds of things and makes beautiful quilts and she has some very crafty friends. Not just crafty because we managed to keep a good secret ha ha, but because we are all quite thrilled with the idea of helping her decorate her lovely tiny Bridal Shop.

She got some darling little presents for it, like a little scroll work wire  mannequin some little display cabinets and some cute furniture but we also thought we'd make some handmade things for it too. 

so I made some bunting...

Each piece is less than one centimetre high, made from painted watercolour paper, and is hand stitched  together with crochet cotton.

Then I made some little bouquets, about 1.5 cms in size, with some glass beads and very fine green beading wire. I made a little sign for the shop with a bridal sign on the front and a friend quote on a the back.

Hope she likes them! I had fun making them.


  1. I love bunting I'm sure she'll love it all

  2. The tiny bouquets are a novel touch and I love the bunting. I hope you friend will allow you to take a photograph of the shop and put it on your blog sometime. I'd love to see it.