Saturday, 4 August 2012

My next page... supposed to celebrate all the time I am going to have this summer whilst teaching has stopped for a few weeks. I was going to spend lovely hours doing some samples for next years workshops, tidying up, and lazing around watching the Olympics. Ha! The lazing around is mostly what I've been doing.

So, I have just realised that time is ticking by and I haven't really achieved anything much. I have planned some fabby days off though (days off from having days off?) and I will be going to the Festival of Quilts, The Autumn Fair Trade Show, and some days mooching around London and Brighton.

But of course all of these jolly days out are going to be very hard work (yep sure!) looking at new products and planning new mixed media and textile courses. So watch this space and see what's coming up!

Anyway...back to the time page...this is made with  tin foil and metallic card which has been embossed in the Sizzix Big Shot, coloured with inks and acrylic paints and then crackled with Viva Croco crackle. 


  1. Looks amazing Paula! Good luck with the lazing - you will need all your energy for Festival of Quilts!

  2. Hello Paula !

    I have to pull your ears not lettings us know about all the blogposts you have !!
    Please post it regularly on ATT euro or sweet sisters when you have a new blogpost. There are so many gorgeous blogs to follow that I don't get around enough, but when someone mentions they have a new blogpost I visit !
    I'll read ALL your posts that I missed !! :)

    Lovely texture here on your card ! How did you achieve the partially embossing cause the embossing is in the middle of the card and seems to fade out to the ends ?
    Love the colorscheme you achieved with the different inks and paints

    I first thought this was done on fabric... this gives me some ideas and I will try something out...:)

    love from belgium

  3. Hi Inge,
    Only the middle piece is embossed and it is done on an irregular shaped piece of card. It is then glued onto scrunched up kitchen foil so that it looks like it is all one piece and then it is all coloured and crackled.