Saturday, 28 January 2017

Collections and Fragments

Do you collect all kinds of bit and pieces of stuff? I do.

I see the possibilities for artiness in all kinds of nonsense and although it doesn't make my house tidy, at all, it does make a lovely weekend of messing around with textures and fragments and the joy of just seeing what happens as I play.

This heart is made on a piece of card and has all sorts bits stuck on with glue. It has broderie fabric, lace, vintage adverts, lace, printed tissue paper and pieces of tea bag.

It also has a little fragment of fabric which has been embroidered with the word MEMORIES because this would be a perfect way of preserving objects from the past. 

Little pieces of cloth, fragments of letters or a poem, a family recipe, buttons from a favourite childhood garment, photographs.
All of these could form a collage such as this and would take us back to another place or time whenever we looked at it.

The heart has been mounted on a painted page in my sketchbook. Very roughly painted to give it lots of texture, I have doodled and written onto it in parts to look like lace. It is still a work in progress.

This is also a way to add your own words to a piece of artwork to make it more personal and meaningful. 

If you are a wonderfully tidy person who wouldn't dream of collecting nonsense just share my picture. BUT!
If you are as crazy as me and have some stash, get it out and play. It is no good hiding it in the cupboard! Have fun! x