Monday, 7 March 2016

Silk Magic!

Last Saturday we had a day of experiencing Silk!

This was also at the Hertfordshire Embroiderers Guild. We had a whole day of playing with silk in lots of it's different forms; chiffon, dupion, organza, silk rods, silk tops, strippings, throwsters waste etc.

We bonded, shredded, ironed, collaged and stitched and the results were wonderful.

Here are some photos to show you the beauty and lustre that is SILK!

This first one is bonded, collaged with scraps of different kinds of silk fabric and stitched with hand dyed silk thread.

A silk collage onto vintage wool with shredded silk fibre and merino felt. Stitched with hand dyed silk floss.

Work in progress, above, to show how the patterns are built.

The photos below are all work in progress made during the day. Aren't they fab?

This one is drawn and painted onto fabric, cut and applied.

Easy Silk flowers! Made with Silk Organza with a wool centre.

Needle felting the fibres to make delightful textured backgrounds.

The one above has had drawn and painted details

 Shredded and Needle felted fabric and fibres. 

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

simple, sweet and stitchy