Thursday, 11 June 2015

Artist Sketchbooks on a Saturday

On Saturday 4th July, in Boxmoor we will be exploring Sketchbooks and Journals.

Whenever I show my sketchbooks at shows or talks so many people say that they would love to get into the habit of regularly working in a book. Certainly, they are so great for trying out new ideas, colour schemes or for making a new technique your own. But they can be scary! 

The idea of starting in a new book on a new blank page is so scary to most people that some never ever make a start in the lovely new book they've bought.

So my job on Saturday is to make you fall in love with your journal and make you want to work it in without FEAR!

We will be working with Circles as a theme. Making our own stencils and working with them to create masks and layers. We are going to look at adding colour and detail and think about how to add text in unusual ways.

The day will start at 1.30pm and finish at 6pm. The cost is £50.

Let me know if you'd like to join us. There are a few spaces left.


  1. Yup, have several started journals, I know just what you mean. I even have painted pages with nothing on them. Note to self --- Must try harder.

  2. I did a workshop with Dyan Reavely and the first thing she made us do was to tear a page, spray onto the page of the journal of the person sitting next to us, then pick random pages and Spray our own. This took away the precious white pages of a new book and it felt really liberating afterwards!