Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Songs of Innocence

I've come over all monochrome in  my newest Altered Book.

I'm usually so mesmerised by colour but sometimes the peacefulness of pale is just what I need on a crazy day.

Songs of Innocence is all about the beauty of simplicity and the cherishing of  memory, the moments of silence when we know the most important truths and taking time to breathe in the busyness of our hectic day.

I'm hoping that the painting of the pages and the gentle stitching of the linen will be a kind of meditation about the important things in my life. 

Try a little stitching and give yourself a moment of time to be still.  Have a happy peaceful day xx


  1. Brilliant, I love the idea behind this gorgeous book. Note to self, I must make more books.

  2. just found your blog via pinterest. Your work is fabulous and inspirational - beautiful meditations.

    1. Thank you so much Pat for visiting. I'm so happy you wee inspired.x