Friday, 18 October 2013

More Fabric Books

Here are some more fabric books.

This one is painted and printed calico 

 The inside cover and first page.

 Some of the mini quilts which fit in the fabric pocket pages

Pages made with vintage linens and embossed metal sign in plaque.

A felt book cover, a jeans book or two, a wool felt needle book, and a book about RED!

Inside the recycled jeans book.
 Paper and fabric applique.
 Inside the little RED book!
A page about Lurrrve!


  1. Yours minibooks are wonderful...

  2. Beautiful fabric books! Very inspirational!

  3. Paula, I love these, and they are your true calling. Can you please arrange some workshops? I know a lot of people who would be queuing up to do this kind of work wiht you.

  4. Thank you so much Carmina, Beth and Sam. there will definitely be more book classes next year. I love teaching book art and would love to see you there.

  5. Each book is a little treasure. I love them and they are so inspiring.

  6. Thanks so much Heather. I have had a look at your blog and love your work. I would love to see pics of your altered book when you have done it.