Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ready to Fly!

One of my earliest blog posts on the 17th May had a doodle  from one of my sketchbooks that I had used as inspiration for a piece of handmade felt. 
I had a lovely time laying out the felt fibres using some of the colours in the sketch and then because I was so busy with my teaching schedule and because I had covered every available space  with art stuff I rolled up the fibres in their net and bubble wrap  and left them till the summer. I originally intended to add the details from the sketch into the final piece with stitching. I was going to 'doodle ' with the sewing machine to add the final touches.
I finally had time to finish felting it and here is the finished piece! at last!!
 I am so pleased with the way it has come together. Because it was made by wet felting, it has  a really dense rippley texture and the pattern on it has stayed in relief. Because I am an embroiderer and I am addicted to stitching I had to really make myself resist stitching this piece. I think it has enough detail now that it is finished and it is a good note to myself that I don't need to stitch on everything . 
You can see in this detail that it has a variety of different fibres on this panel Thin mohair, silk, curly hand dyed Wensleydale, hand dyed roving and lots of coloured merino. Just like painting with fibre! Hmmm What shall I do next???


  1. Hi Paula,

    That looks really fabulous! I've recently become excited about wet felting after a friend showed me her creations, I didn't really know much about it before. I'd really love to do a course - do you have any courses or workshops running at the moment, or in the near future? I'm in Hemel.

    Many thanks - Morgan x

  2. Paula , LOVE how the colours have come out so fine ... What plans do you have for the final piece. I bet it feels so nice to touch.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, love the colours and the bird of course. Note to self. I must try wet felting.

  4. OMG Paula, what an awesome piece!!!!
    It's amazing what you can do with fibres and felt.
    I love the bold rainbowcolors and the flowers and the bird,..
    Also nice to see how it started as a sketvh and evolved into this project.

    Love from belgium

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

    At the moment I am just carrying it around as a class sample Zoe,but it does feel so nice to touch. Last night the weather was so horrible I wanted to hide under it ha ha.

    Inge I think I may convert some of my other sketches to felt. It is a good way to plan colours but you know I like seeing how things turn out on impulse too.

    Wendy. I thought you might like the bird.

    Morgan, I have emailed you and would love you to come to my classes.

  6. Oh that is just FABULOUS! What gorgeous colours! You're amazing!